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Vintage Mid-Century Modern Danish artisan prototype teak table lamp.

This is an amazing lamp that i immensely enjoyed renovating.

The lamp can only be one of two things. Either it is a prototype or a furniture maker has made it out of discarded teak wood in the workshop.

Which of the two it is a can not say.

But it is made with skill and artistry of a high level.

The lamp has been dismantled and all the teak has been sanded and waxed which has improved the look of the teak no end exposing the grain of the wood.

It has been rewired with a brown twisted cloth flex and can be fitted with an EU US or UK plug.

Being a wooden lamp makes it a class 2 appliance so grounding is not necessary.

It still maintains it original Bakelite lamp holder with on/off switch.

An amazing table lamp that just oozes mid century modern design.

Shade not included.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Danish Artisan Prototype Teak Table Lamp

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