A rare set of vintage Royal Copenhagen vases designed by Per Lutkin for Holmegaard in a beautiful green tinted hand blown glass.
All signed and engraved.
Per Lütken was a Danish glassmaker, most famous for his works at Holmegaard Glass Factory. Lütken has set his signature on the history of Danish glassmaking, designing more than 3,000 pieces of glass for Holmegaard, a company for whom he worked from 1942 and until his death in 1998. Akva series was a huge success and remained in production for more than two decades between 1953 and 1974.
Measures: 1 green vase 28 cm tall 8 cm wide #18122
1 green vase 22 cm tall 11 cm wide #18160
1 green vase 13 cm tall 10 cm wide #18159.

Set of Vintage Royal Copenhagen Glass Designed by Per Lutken for Holmegaard