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Rare iconic vintage PH 5 chandelier pendant lamp from 1958.
Poul Henningsen designed this iconic lamp in 1958 and it was presented to the public in September of the same year. 
During the first year of production they changed the design frequently.
This is a one year only model from 1958 which makes this the oldest and rarest PH 5 lamp available and most probably the very first model put into production. 
This lamp has been chemically stripped and is in a brushed aluminum finish. 
Being over 60 years old the paint is almost never in a condition where it can be saved. 
And repainting a 60 year old lamp to look like new is not a good idea.
There is a lot of work that goes into renovating these lamps. 
The quickest way to remove paint from these lamps is to media blast them. 
But that pits the aluminum leaving it like sand paper. 
So we chemically strip them which is a time consuming process as there can be many layers of old paint.
Then they are clear coated to protect the aluminum.
Then they are rewired with a 170cm long twisted cloth cable and grounded.
A unique lamp indeed that has an industrial feel but still because of its iconic design would fit, blend and beautify any home interior

Rare Iconic Vintage 1958 Poul Henningsen PH 5 Chandelier Pendant Lamp

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