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Iconic rare 1st edition vintage PH 5 chandelier pendant lamp from 1958 in purple ( series 1 )

Purple was a very popular mid century color in Scandinavia. It was also the first color PH5 was produced in.

And it is also a retro color that is making a comeback.

Poul Henningsen designed this iconic lamp in 1958 and the launch was in September of that year at Illums Bolighus.

During the first year of production and in to 1959 they changed the design slightly to 2 of the shades ( series 2 )

Then in 1960 they changed the design again to the lamp holder ( series 3 )

This PH 5 is in unbelievable condition for its age and this model will only appreciate in value because it is so rare.

This PH pendant has been dismantled cleaned and rewired.

As good as impossible to find a nicer example from this year.

This iconic lamp will be packed responsibly for worldwide shipping.

For peace of mind please take the time to see my reviews.

Iconic Rare 1st Edition Poul Henningsen PH 5 Chandelier Pendant Lamp from 1958

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