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A gorgeous antique rattan reed wall lamp in original condition. 
Beautifully designed and skillfully made this wall lamp is a little gem. 
Amazing that it even still exists after so many years of storage. 
There are no visible repairs to the rattan but it does have a few very small breaks which only add to the authenticity of its age. 
The lamp is structurally sound and still maintains its original brass and porcelain lamp holder with an on/switch. 
Where possible we always preserve the original lamp holder as we believe it contributes to the originality of the lamp and adds to its value. 
The lamp is rewired with 2.5 meters of brown twisted cloth flex and fitted with an inline on/switch in order to save wear and tear on the original lamp holder on/off switch. 
Can be fitted with an EU, UK or US plug.

Antique Ratan Wall Lamp Sconce from the 1920s

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