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A modernist brass table lamp by Giovanni Michelucci for Lariolux

This amazing Giovanni Michelucci table lamp is in great condition with age related wear to the brass.

The white paint to the inside of the shade has long gone but traces can be seen.

Classic tilt function to the base of the stem and also the shade.

Please be aware of the following.

This lamp has been rewired with a golden twisted 2.5 meter cloth flex and grounded.

It has also been fitted with a new brass on/off switch on the base.

Doing this on antique and vintage lamps can be very time consuming as it was on this lamp.

But our recommendation is that you should always buy a lamp that has been rewired and if at all possible also grounded for safety reasons.

We rewire all of our lamps before presenting them for sale.

Lamps from this period were originally not grounded.

New green baize to the base.

Can be fitted with a UK EU or US electrical plug with earth.

A Modernist Brass Table Lamp By Giovanni Michelucci Lariolux From The 1940s

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